The brand of the third Millennium "TACTILICA" produces underwear using its own developments and technologies.

We develop products that stand out from the competition. The main idea is to provide high quality products that are not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. They will be indispensable for connoisseurs of comfort and for people who think about their health.

The technologies used by the brand "TACTILICA" are a real breakthrough in the future. We adopt world experience and create a unique line of commodity items with the perfect consumer properties. In the production process, advanced sewing technologies are used, which make the products durable and practical. High-quality fabrics, pleasant to the body, not harmful to the skin – an important aspect in daily work.

Each model has a thoughtful design. We offer our customers a new quality of life and care about those who want not only to preserve but also to increase health! This is what makes our products the market leader in this niche and gives great prospects for further development.

Production technologies used

Currently, the company "TACTILICA" produces original men's boxers and t-shirts. All this is the result of a technological breakthrough. Linen are made on intemp technology which is patented and is unique.

Its use has reduced the temperature inside the boxers by 2-3 degrees, which ensures the normalization of the production of the male hormone – testosterone, and will allow the stronger sex to feel comfortable 24 hours a day.

On the basis of the conducted researches experts managed to draw a conclusion that this idea will allow to receive a set of advantages:

• underwear physiologically correct, it will allow the man to move comfortably and not to sweat;

• with it, the natural functions of the body are normalized and stabilized;

• a special pocket eliminates the contact of the body with the body, which ensures the complete absence of discomfort;

• linen actively supports, and even increases the level of health and comfort.

If you look at the brand in terms of evolution, it is really progressive. After all, it combines the basis of human nature and modern technology.

Brand "TACTILICA" – for self-confident people

The idea of the company – skillfully combines progressive views and natural human nature. This makes it original, allows you to stand out from other brands. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to use beautiful, functional, healthy things.

Products from the brand "TACTILICA" are designed for people who want:

• respect and support his care;to be uninhibited and free movements;

• maintain confidence in their attractiveness;

• be the center of attention;

• always have a good mood;

• have good health.

Lingerie "TACTILICA" is designed for stylish and smart people who want to keep up with the times, to be truly happy and healthy, to make their own lives better. You will be able to move more, not to worry about body hygiene throughout the day, get emotions from every event in life without unnecessary complexes and stiffness!