For the proper functioning of the male sex glands — testicles — need a lower temperature than body temperature. That is why evolution has created for them a special "pocket" - scrotum, which regulates the temperature of the testicles, changing it by 2-3 degrees.

If all functions correctly - male hormones enough and sperm are obtained "the right", and, therefore, have men with different potency are born healthy children.

In modern conditions, ordinary underwear, constraining the scrotum and testicles, violates the natural process of thermal regulation, which eventually leads to a violation of the formation of sperm and reduce the production of the main male hormone — testosterone. When wearing fashionable tight underwear, the situation is aggravated, and men's health suffers more and more.

INTEMP technology allows you to design men's underwear based on the exact observance of anatomy. The special design and cut allows you to conveniently, comfortably and easily place the organs of the male reproductive system so that their overheating is completely eliminated. This, in turn, gives an excellent functional result.

After 72-75 days (namely, during this period, the sperm in men are updated completely), the main indicators of the spermogram are improved — the number of good and highly mobile sperm. Within six months, the base level of testosterone significantly increases. And the problems of "uncomfortable position" of the reproductive system, skin irritation and sweating are solved in 3-5 days of constant use

Clinically, using daily thermometry and thermography proved that INTEMP creates the most physiological conditions for male nature. Research into evidence of its usefulness continues.

If men went naked, the number of problems associated with diseases of the reproductive system would be reduced significantly. Because — it is logical — that nature did not provide for swimming trunks and tight panties. Intemp technology creates conditions for the organs of the reproductive system, the temperature regime as close to natural. You can enjoy the beauty, comfort and male health at the same time.

Since the technology is based on the leveling of the influence of civilization on the male nature — the efficiency is much higher than the intake of biologically active additives. Man — absolutely self-regulating system, you only need to help him get rid of the negative impact of civilization on health.

INTEMP is practically the first technology in the world based on following the laws of nature with the usual comfort of civilization.


Отличное белье. Очень удобное, мягкое, практически не ощущаемое. Технология работает!
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